The 4P’s Radio Course

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The 4P course can run over a 10 week period with students attending one session each week which run between 9am to 2pm. Sessions will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and students must attend on the same day each week during the course.

The course is designed to introduce students to the basic and essential skills relating to Radio presentation and production, hence the 4P’s:

–          Presentation

–          Promotion

–          Production

–          Podcasting

Vectis Radio

The aim of Vectis Radio is to involve the community as much as possible in the operation of the station by promoting local events, charities and businesses and by giving opportunities to anyone interested to broadcast their own show regardless of age or ability. The station has been operating for four years and has a strong bond with the community. Children from all over the island have already undertaken work experience at the station, including pupils from Carisbrooke, St Georges, Cowes and Ryde. Vectis Radio aims to extend its community support and involvement by offering the 4P course to all Island schools.

Vectis Radio regularly broadcasts to over 4000 listeners and has listeners in over 50 Countries!

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Where Are We

The Vectis Radio studio is situated within the Riverside Centre in Newport and, as such, has access to the facilities the Riverside Centre offers to support the delivery of the 4P course.

Course Structure and Content

The course will aim to introduce students to the following areas as well as enabling them to develop relevant practical skills in respect of each of the following:

Presenting Skills

How to put together your own show, including the following:

–          How to use a microphone Properly

–          How to Record and present links

–          How to plan, promote, record and produce a radio show

–          How to conduct an Interview

–          How to do all the above so that it fits with the Stations style guide.

Radio Production

How to write and produce and edit the following

–          Commercials

–          ‘Promos’

–          Interviews

–          Jingles

Recording Shows

–          Top 5

–          Documentary of Choice

–          Interviews


–          Leaflet Design

–          Websites

–          Facebook

–          Twitter

–          Selling Airtime