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Speedway on Vectis Radio

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Interviews From The IW Steam Railway Outside Broadcast

On Saturday 23rd July, Vectis Radio we're live from Havenstreet Steam Railway. Check out our interviews below with some of the key people from the ...
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The Lunchtime Social Debate With Humpty and Shania

Join Humpty and Shania on the Lunchtime Social Debate.
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Humpty talks to Southern Vectis about the Dennis Enviro

Humpty goes to BAE Systems for a Southern Vectis event and gets a tour of the Dennis Enviro bus.
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Simon ‘Humpty’ Steele Talks To Nicki Gillis

This is the interview Simon 'Humpty' Steele did with Nicki Gillis from Sunday 5th July on Vectis Radio Nicki Gillis is a female vocalist, Songwr...
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Isle of Wight Wedding DJ