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The 4Ps – Jake Francis

Hi, my name is Jake Francis, I am 14 years old and still go to school and I am currently doing the 4Ps course with Vectis Radio. Throughout this course I aim to improve my skills in editing and recording.  I play the guitar and bass and spend a lot of my time improving and building my skill, occasionally performing in public. When I am older I want to be […]

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The 4Ps – Lennon Jones

Hello my name is Lennon i am 12 years old my hobbies are drawing, playing video games and programming. My favourite movies are the star wars trilogy and my favourite show is young Sheldon i also like making little websites but i never end up publishing them. I have wanted to be on the radio for a while because i used to watch my brother do it and looked really […]

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The 4Ps – Haydn

Hello im Haydn Im 18 and voted for the first time this year. I love flags from around the world. I support Liverpool football club My favourite player is Mo salah My hobbies include ballet, Viva and horse riding I play the drums at Viva I like watching Deal or no Deal I like to learn about different countries I really enjoy listening to the news.    

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The 4Ps – Carisbrooke College 2024

Another Carisbrooke College Crew.  Meet The Team Hi i'm tilly and i am 14 years old. I live in roslin which is near chillerton. i love to walk my two dogs one is a black lab crossed ridge back called indi and the other a springer spaniel called maggi. On thursday evenings i dod combat which is a mix of self defence and boxing. i love listening to music songs […]

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The 4Ps – Adult Learner – Henry Prince

Vectis Radio (Henry Prince - All About Me) Henry: Hello, I'm Henry Prince And I'm Originally From Buckinghamshire And I Was Born In 1999, And I Was Raised In Bath Since Nearly 25 Years, I Also Live In Bath For All My Life, It Always Has Been One Of My Closest Hometowns I Have Been Living In. Henry: I Grew Up In Bath, And I Have A Big Family With […]

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The 4Ps – St Georges School

Back to Front Hello, my name is Finn Parsons. I am 19 years old and I am a very open minded, out spoken individual who is quite eccentric.  I live in the lovely town of Ryde and my favourite pass time is exercise.  My main goal in life is to be a great actor, and be able to retire my mother with the money I earn.   Hello, my name […]

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