The General Election 2024

All Isle of Wight parliamentary candidates have been contacted for an interview over the coming weeks. The interviews will be completed and placed below. Each are given 25 minutes to tell us what they would do if they were the MP come July 5.

There are six parliamentary candidates in the west of the Isle of Wight and six more in the East as for the first time,  The Isle of Wight is split into two constituencies. Interviews are to give you an indication of where you would like to put your cross on July 4.

Candidates in the West

Cameron Palin – Green

Bob Seeley – Conservative

Ian Pickering – Reform UK



Nick Stuart – Liberal Democrats

Rachel Thacker – Alliance for Democracy and Freedom


Richard Quigley – Labour

Candidates in the East

David Groocock – Independent

Emily Brothers – Labour

Joe Robertson – Conservative

Michael Lilley – Liberal Democrat’s

Sarah Morris, of Reform UK Independent

Vix Lowthion – Green

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