How to Listen


How to Listen

There are lots of ways you can enjoy listening to Vectis Radio Here is a list of ways you can tune in below.


Listen to Vectis Radio in your car, at home or at work! Vectis Radio is available across the Isle of Wight on FM104.6 and parts of Southampton and Portsmouth.

If you are unlucky enough to have to go to hospital Vectis Radio are also available there as well on Hospedia Channel 5

Our iOS and Android apps are the best way to listen on the go. Take us on holiday, to the gym or where ever you have an internet connection!


Inside our mobile apps, you can also get the latest information from Vectis Radio like gigs, local event listings and much more!

You can also interact with us by sharing an event, tweeting us, calling us or why not record a 30 second audio clip which will be sent directly to our ON AIR studio!


Download our mobile apps today!.


“Alexa, Enable the Vectis Radio Skill”, Yep! It’s that easy to get our Alexa Skill enabled on your Amazon ‘Alexa’ compatible device. Once enabled, just simple say “Alexa, Play Vectis Radio” and our high quality radio stream will start playing! You’ll then be able to listen to Vectis Radio anywhere you have an ‘Alexa’ device…. Yes…. We have one in the garage too!



Google Assistant

“Ok Google, Ask Vectis Radio to Play”, Listen to Vectis Radio on your Google enabled smart speaker. It’s just as easy as listening on your Alexa enabled smart speaker. Give it a try today!



UK Radioplayer

If you have the Radioplayer app, you can find us by searching for your local station or searching for ‘Vectis Radio’. Our main website listen live player is powered by Radioplayer.

UK Radioplayer is perfect for users with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Download the UK Radioplayer apps.



Listen Online

You can listen to Vectis Radio online via your computer or connected device. The easiest way is to hit the ‘Listen Live’ button at the top of



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