Tony Bray joined Vectis in January right at the start of the stations history firstly as an advertiser and then as financial advisor guest and caught the bug of radio and started presenting in 2012, firstly the Toe Tapping Sunday show followed by his own business show in the afternoons but alas all good things come to an end as Tony left for Telford in October 2014 to start a new life with Sarah whom he me through the MND Charity, no doubt he got off the Island by swimming the Solent…………did you know about his swim?

?Vicky Massey aka Vorders joined in 2012 and presented the early breakfast show on a Saturday morning and then team up with Tim Morris, a really sweet lady with a talent for making the best iced cakes in radio. Vorders left in May 2014 to go around the world with GKN.

Tim Morris joined Vectis Radio in 2012 and presented the Weekend Breakfast Show because for some reason he liked getting up early, a naturally funny man and a decent chap who fell ill in November 2013 and as we speak is recovering from a serious illness, we all wish Tim and family well, it goes without saying we all miss him and can’t wait for him to be well enough to return to the airwaves. *Update Tim is back on Vectis Radio presenting The Thursday Tea Time?Show between 4-6.

Pete Walkden started with Vectis Radio in 2011 and presented the afternoon show with his next door neighbour Dan. Pete doubles up as a Priest by day with the catholic church and became too busy in 2013 to give the show his full attention, his flock needed him more but the door is wide open….

Sam Grieve ol Grievey joined us in 2012 as an Anorak, which was a show that came back in many different formats and was broadcast on Thursday nights, Sam also presented The Punk Show and not only a really nice bloke but also a good broadcaster he left in September 2013 because of work comittments….my bet is he will return one day….soon.

Mitchell of the Dave and Mitchell Show left in September 2013 to go to University in Bournemouth and has promised to come back and do some shows at Christmas with his ol mate Dave who has been pining of late.

Josh Peverley started on Vectis Radio in January 2011 and has presented the Festival Show which we hope to bring back and Josh in the new year, he is in Rogues gallery because we are hedging our bets! Watch this space a Festival Show without Josh would be like Rice Pudding without the rice!

David Alexander was at Vectis Radio from almost the beginning, very quickly earnt the title The Oldest Man in British Radio who co hosted the mid Morning Show with Ian Mac including the Phone In on a Wednesday and also presented Toe Tappin’ Sunday, David left for pastures new (Derby) in March 2013

Stephan Alvarez came to Vectis via Essex in June 2012 and although he returned to the Mainland in January in 2013, you will still find him involved in our Promotions team, working on many a project to boost the station. Stephan left recently and said he will be back……………

Paddy Mchugh joined us in August 2010 and left in January 2013, presented the Drive Time Show and Saturday morning, the door has been left ajar and never say never….

G and Tippers Gareth Icke and Tim Pritchard were two of the most talented people to have?worked?with Vectis Radio,?genius radio albeit a bit naughty but inventive and also superbly talented musicians too and nice guys to boot joined us January 2011 and left in April 2012

Jack Gorman used to present the local music show and left to form a band and is now working at iceland.

The Tramp in The Shed aka Jody Ruth joined Vectis at the start presented the Motown Show and then a successful Hip Hop Show he left in June 2012 because he didn?t want to play commercials, one of the nicest guys in radio certainly the most tattooed! his son Cameron presents the entertainments review show with Ashleigh

Steve Ray?Left Vectis Radio soon after it launched ?busy these days being an agent for tomorrows stars of stage and screen. Used to present the Retro Show.

The Goss Girls were at Vectis for around 18 months and presented the GOSS Show Girls on Saturday in many different guises.

Damien from Headfunk was there at the beginning and was a larger than life character and at times quite amusing but we will never forgive him for The Sweepnapping of 2010 he put poor Sweep through hell, The Duke left in July 2011

George Steed joined after a week of work experience in July 2010 became the Youngest Sports Presenter in The UK left for IW Radio in July 2011 only to return to Vectis in January 2012 albeit brief but with superb tea making ability. His twin Harry also played a part at Vectis and continued to fool our own Tony Bray on regular ferry trips by pretending to be brother George.

Calder Jon Hughes joined Vectis in January 2011 and left later that year after presenting the afternoon show. The station will be eternally grateful for organising and paying for part of the studio walls.

Martyn Bully Bull the funniest man we’ve ever met, a laugh a minute and cracking bloke to boot, was there at the beginning and left in October 2010 after presenting the afternoon show and Cheese and Crackers. Sadly Bully died in October 2016 and has left a big hole in our lives, here is a tribute to a wonderful man?

Russ Byrne only did two shows for Vectis back in 2011 on his debut he mentioned the Isle of Wight Radio email address instead of ours did one more and never came back!!….Update he came in Jauary 2013 watch this space…..nah he’s gone again… he’s been in touch… and one again!!

Knocker Lee joned late 2010 and was gone early 2011 no one knows too much about Lee, last we heard he was cleaning caravans for a living.

Adam Eastwood was at Vectis for 6 months in 2010 presenting Saturday Night at The Movies, Adam left to start a family and is now Daddy Eastwood still in touch with the station and helps out behind the scenes and you never know…..

Chris Mew another one of those guys that was there at the start and left in August 2010 after presenting the Saturday Mid Morning Show, Mewie was and still is as mad as you like and does a hair and teeth share with Ken Dodd and has been threatening to return to the airwaves, again the door is open and has been in touch. * Update Chris is back on Vectis Radio presenting the Tea Time Show on Wednesdays between 4-6