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QWightLike With Tim and Rory

Rory and Tim, not Rosie and Jim, that’s something our children may have watched, created the QWightLike. A Podcast because a) they quite like a podcast, and b) they quite like the Isle of Wight, so in early 2023, QWightLike. A Podcast was born. 

New to the world of producing chat content to share on the internet they’ve had a fast learning curve, initially focussing on conversation between themselves about things they quite like (geddit?) about the Isle of Wight, with growing confidence they’ve now expanded into broader chat and for the last 6 months or so have begun interviewing island characters for their podcast.  Tim and Ian Mac met for one such brief interview and a relationship was formed that has led to Rory and Tim hosting a new weekly chat show based on content from their podcast series.

“We’re excited to see where this leads” said Tim, “as Ian has given us plenty of scope to do what we want to do with the show and the format.”

“We’ll still be podcasting, doing what we love doing, which is talk” said Rory, “and we’re delighted to be collaborating with the team at the multi-award-winning Vectis Radio”.  

You can anticipate in-depth discussions on the perfect cooked breakfast, including where to grab them on the island as well as political discussions with local island candidates, event previews alongside chats with charities, small businesses and ordinary island people doing extraordinary things that touch the lives of others.  This is the backbone of the podcast and Rory and Tim will bring that focus to Vectis Radio and occasionally something just a little bit fun and occasionally, maybe irreverent.  

Tim’s corporate background in human resources and change management and Rory’s experience in the ever-changing tech world combined with the shared love of our island home, creates the perfect combination to bring interesting conversation to you.

We’d love to hear more about what you want to hear about, so get in touch with us at Vectis Radio to help us create the programme you want to listen to.

About Rory

Rory, and his wife Jane, moved to Totland Bay 3 years ago on the first day of the second lockdown after a lifelong love affair with the island that started with Jane’s family holidays whilst still a baby.  They continued this tradition with their own family and have now settled into a beautiful, refurbished home with glorious sea views and their kids love to visit as often as they can.  

At 57 years old Rory is about to start his 40th year in the business software industry, now running a consulting business, giving him all the skills needed to press the right buttons to produce and upload the QWightLike. A Podcast podcast.  

Rory finds himself a long way from his native Scotland, both in time and distance, but loves the strong Scottish connections that can be found here on the Wight, travelling back to the homeland to wave flags and agitate in support of Scottish independence.  

Rory flexes his creative muscles by writing poetry, the occasional song and dreaming of starting that elusive first novel.  His actual muscles are exercised as a regular swimmer and gym attendee at the West Wight Sports Centre.  

Producing the QWightLike. A Podcast, podcast with Tim over 2023 has been a fascinating insight into the hard work and planning that goes into getting a programme together before you even sit behind a microphone.  

About Tim

Tim and his wife Ella moved to Rookley 2 years ago along with their, sometimes loveable, Cocker Spaniel, Parker. 

Before the move, summer holidays had been island-based with Tim and Rory floating offshore, out of reach of their respective families, chatting in the channel. Unfortunately, the children grew up, learnt to swim and the men had to find other outlets for their never ending ramblings. 

Ella and Jane, the long-suffering spouses put up with the men's outpourings around the meal table for some years before the idea of a podcast was suggested, the working title being 'Cheaper than therapy'.  

Tim and Ella have two sons, Sam and Matt, who visit surprisingly often, both having learnt the value of cheap holidays even at the expense of Tim's questionable sense of humour. 

In another life Tim worked diligently for a large UK utility and more recently for a growing software services company in the Midlands. The podcast represents a coming together of two very different ideologies and skillsets, Rory's high technical standards, polished delivery and considered arguments balanced by Tim's generally slapdash approach, loose relationship with the truth and blagging skills. Somehow it works!


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