Freddie Daybles

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Why is it that when you are asked to write a piece of text about yourself, it proves to be so difficult?

I’m Freddie (Fred). I first started volunteering at Vectis radio as a third host on the “Chip and Spud” Friday afternoon show in mid 2023. I cannot thank them both enough in helping me build my confidence up to speak over radio. The main thing I enjoy about Vectis radio is simply the fun of working with a great team that keeps our station on the air!

As well as volunteering for Vectis radio, I am also a volunteer at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. I am a great believer in that everyone should be involved with voluntary work. It is amazing the amount of joy it brings into your life, for multiple different reasons!

Now, relating to the comment I made at the start of this speech. That wasn’t so difficult, was it Fred?

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