Phil Norris

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Hello I’m Phil.

From an early age music has always comforted my soul deeply. At 7 i was introduced to Kenny Rogers & Country Music and then later i discovered Blues Music. These soon become my friends and have been loyal in every situation since.

Later on I became a Country dance teacher, DJ and even a festival DJ for 6 years where I discovered my dream to share my passion on the radio.

Here at Vectis Radio and the adult learning course this dream hopefully will come true with an idea for a show i have, an hour of Country followed by an hour of Blues on a weekday evening. I envisage a journey of music including local artist studio interviews, live studio acoustic performances and even a live broadcast from The Isle of Wight Blues festival.

To play Country Music on the radio is as old as Country Music itself, families huddled around the wireless excites me. The Blues is a personal journey of peoples lives and to share those moments with listeners is an incredible opportunity to bring people together in unity.


It’s great to be part of the Vectis Radio team. This is my first foray into radio which is exciting as I love to try new things and my ever-growing catalogue of hobbies and interests is a real mishmash of different experiences and pursuits – from stand-up comedy to Skydiving, I’ll give anything a go!

My music taste covers nearly all decades and genres but with a strong affection for dance music and I love to get lost mixing records on my decks. I have also been trying to teach myself to play guitar over the last couple of years, but it’s fair to say I don’t think I will be forming a band anytime soon.

I’m also an avid fan of most sports, although my big passions lie with football, boxing and basketball. I try to keep active but I am more of a spectator than participant these days and as a lifelong supporter of Arsenal FC I have enough heart ache without putting my body through any more unnecessary trauma.

Originally from the island I spent a number of years away with spells living in London and south Wales before returning back to our little corner of paradise where I worked in the field of customer experience for a large chunk of my working life. More recently a twist of fate has led me to becoming a full-time carer for my disabled mum.

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