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The 4Ps Project - Carisbrooke College

Meet The Carisbrooke Crew



Hi my name is Erika and I am 12; I live in Carisbrooke and my hobbies are creating and playing games.

I started ballet ever since i was 6 i am in grade 4. When i leave school i want to be a coder.

In my podcast I want to teach you everything you need to know about my top 5 games.


Hello my name is Mason i go to Carisbrooke college and i am very into music i play guitar and partly drums.

i am 12 nearly 13 {this November}  I am very into pop punk pop rock music such as green day arctic monkeys the guitar that i play is a Gibson epiphany les paul special .

i am hoping that my podcast will be entertaining to you

the podcast is about music as you probably could tell i will list  all the best rock songs {in my opinion} all the best guitarist and the top song from the year.