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The 4Ps Project - Charity 1189607

The 4Ps Project is a Charity (1189607)  and an award winning free course run by Vectis Radio CIC which aims to help young people on the Island to build their confidence and improve their communication skills which will result in greater life chances. Through learning the key areas of radio communication skills will be gained and confidence will be boosted.

Vectis Radio has developed the idea of the 4Ps course as a means of passing on extensive knowledge and experience to young people and hopes that the course will not just enable those who undertake it to develop specific broadcasting industry skills but also help more widely in enabling participants to develop key employability skills such as communication, confidence and self-esteem as they move into their working careers.

Why 4Ps?

The 4Ps are the four main ingredients of radio:


Around 400 young people have so far benefited from the course, some have chosen to remain volunteering at Vectis Radio and have gone on to present or co-present their own shows. The course can be tailored to individual students needs. Some students have severe physical and/or mental complications that affect their day to day life. The course aims to help everyone at their own pace.

To find out what is covered in the course click here for a breakdown of the syllabus

Watch The Video To Find Out How The 4Ps Project Is Benefiting Schools, Students & Families